6 Reasons Brands Should Start Using SMS Marketing

Businesses of most sizes are uncovering that they can efficiently assimilate SMS marketing into a more substantial marketing strategy. Businesses of all sizes are discovering that they can effectivelyassimilate SMS marketing into a more substantial marketing strategy. With the help of SMS marketing automation, brands can create, program, and automate smart targeting campaigns.

Utilizing effective SMS messaging between brands and mobile device users is a superb way to engage customers throughout the buying process. SMS marketing is also great for lead generation.

Direct and Immediate Communication Delivery

SMS Marketing is the most direct marketing channel open to marketers. Ninety-seven percent of text messages are exposed and read, and most are read within three minutes of delivery.

Immediate communication with consumers can help promote an immediate purchase. The faster the conversation, the earlier consumers can make a purchase. The use of this direct communication can also cultivate enduring associations between brands and their consumers.

Quick Feedback from Customers

Research demonstrates 31 percent of consumers will respond to a review via smartphone. Brands can initiate studies via SMS and receive ends up with therelatively short timeframe. The common response time is less than six minutes.

Comments from customers are valuable information for businesses. This data helps the company improve its products. Customer feedback also helps the company learn more about market movements and gain a better knowledge of what customers like and don’t like.

Instant Deliverability

Text messages are usually shipped within seconds. Average SMS Marketing delivery time for some mobile service providers is significantly less than 10 seconds. Brands can deliver time-sensitive emails instantly.

IDC data reveals 62 percent of smartphone users check their phones immediately after waking up, while 79 percent check theirs within 15 minutes of getting up. With brands attempting to increase email deliverability, the amazing SMS deliverability leaves no question that SMS marketing is an advisable investment.

High Start Rate

Higher open rates make an advertising campaign more effective. Having a 90 percent open rate, the SMS Marketing open rate is nearly triple that of the average email open up rate. Brands do not have to worry about crafting great subject lines that will encourage the recipient to open up and read a text. The buzz heading off in a mobile user’s pocket is all the drive they have to open a text message. More details here: http://www.legendaryinsights.com/send-business-sms/

High Conversion Rate

SMS has an extremely high transformation rate. Mobile users respond to call-to-actions in texts more than another marketing route. Time Warner has used SMS Marketing to improve overdue bill selections by 49 percent, and Kiehl’s found over 73 percent of their opted-in customers make a purchase consequently of acquiring SMS product notifications.

The reason conversions are higher in SMS is the ease of the marketing meaning.

No Spam Filters to Deal With

Marketers do not have to be concerned about their promotional text messages finding yourself in the spam folder. The filters that email marketers have to fight with do not are present in SMS land. When someone opts-in to receive SMS marketing announcements, marketers need not remind them to whitelist their shortcode, so their text messages do not accidentally land in a spam folder.

What’s excellent about SMS marketing is even people who do not own a smartphone can receive and send texts. This makes SMS marketing one of the easiest and practical tool marketers may use to deliver promotional text messages to consumers.


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Garage Organization Tips

Are your cars stuck in the driveway night after night staring at a garage overflowing with boxes, furniture and collections of miscellaneous homeless items? It can be a truly over whelming project to tackle, and one that we all too often ignore. Left for several years, clutter can quickly consume an entire garage and force cars to be left in the cold, heat, sleet and snow. There is a way out of the clutter. Follow these recommendations from the professional organizers to regain control or your garage.

If you are unable to dedicate a weekend day to tackling the mountains in the garage, select the evening before your scheduled garbage collection. It will be easier to simply carry items to the street as you identify which pieces are to be discarded. Don’t make the common mistake of attempting to organize and invest in shelving and storage containers until you have sorted, discarded, donated, sold or returned items. Take advantage of the awesome offers from Groupon coupons and list items for sale on the local boards offered on eBay. If you are storing items for friends or relatives, let them know that now is the time to retrieve their items.

garage marketingOnce pieces have been removed, a more organized sorting process can begin. Arrange like items together.  When determining where to store items, place items that are used most frequently on lower shelves and seasonal items on higher shelves.  Many garages have high ceilings which allow for seldom used items to be suspended from the ceiling. Skis, fishing rods and camping equipment can either be suspended or placed on higher shelves. Invest in multi-level wire shelving units to store lawn and garden items, tools and paint. Ensure adequate space for car doors to open and allow ease of access. Avoid storing items in the garage that should be in a climate controlled environment.

Finally, paint the garage floor with a concrete sealant paint that will serve to prevent oil spots and other stains. Pull your cars into the garage and enjoy having them protected from the elements.  Commit to maintaining the new organization that you have achieved through this process.

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How to Send A Business SMS

Bulk SMS has really taken off in recent times and it’s all down to the surge of phone users. In truth, there are billions of adults using smart phones and that opens the door for marketing on a massive scale. SMS are something which most people receive and are able to do too so it does make sense for businesses to look at this type of marketing. Now, to be honest, a lot of people dismiss this marketing as they think it’s far too much trouble and yet it can be very effective to say the least. However, how can you send a business SMS? Read on to find out more.

You Must Learn About Your Target Audience

Anyone can message someone about the latest offers from a business or company but how often will that person respond or react to the message? Unfortunately if the person receiving the message isn’t interested then it’s a waste of time and money. That is why you have to take the time to learn about your target audience. You need to find out what they appreciate and react to so that you can be far more effective in your bulk SMS strategy. It’s necessary to understand what people want and need so that you don’t waste your time or theirs.

Creating the Messages

Like writing an article you must include key words that capture the attention of the reader. For example, you can use words such as ‘special’ or ‘discount’ and that should hopefully capture the reader’s attention. You however still want your business SMS to look professional but again you need an air of fun to it. It can be hard to get the balance right so why not have some dry runs? You can write a few different messages and look them over to see which you feel is more suitable for the audience you’re targeting.

Why Use SMS Marketing?

In all honesty, this can prove to be an effective route for most businesses. You can use business SMS to send a bulk array of messages to hundreds or thousands of numbers. The messages might be able to drum up business and that is the whole goal of the messages. However, it is wise to think about using a legitimate phone service so that the practice becomes legal. These are the people who know how to conduct these services in a proper manner and without the added expense or frustration.

You Must Market Effectively

SMS marketing has really taken off within recent years and it’s all down to their effectiveness. The truth is that when you send a message, it can reach thousands and one or several hundred of them can respond and that is the goal. You do not need to necessarily spend thousands on this and you can start off to a small group first to see how effective it will be. You always have to try all marketing techniques so that you find one which is most effective for your business in particular. SMS marketing is a great idea and you need to consider using it today also. Visit this site for more information : https://www.textplode.com

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How SMS Marketing is changing the way see people see brands

 The use of short messages in the cell phone (SMS or Short Message Service) as a tool of relationship with customers has grown significantly in the last year due to the discovery of benefits and differentials of this new service by marketers. According to data from the European Federation of Direct Marketing, half of the European Direct Marketing agencies The use of SMS Marketing already works as a tool for planning CRM strategies.

In many countries, some professionals in the areasee SMS only as a means of advertising on the cell phone, generating a great concern in the market with the SPAM issue. The truth is that SMS is a direct, personalized, instant, interactive, and usually connected to customers 24 hours a day. These characteristics accredit its use as an important tool of Relationship Marketing, absolutely “1 to 1”.

How to make the most out of yourBulk SMS campaign

SMS Marketing through campaigns is used by companies that want to carry out marketing actions with low investment costs, expanding their range of advertising tools and increasing their clientele. Soon I will be selling packages for clients and resellers and I will post some plans here. Today, in the national market we border the band of almost 190 million cell phones, the proportion is almost 1 cell phone for each inhabitant. In addition, more than forty million (42.1%) of these users use SMS on a regular basis and growth rates in the industry are increasing day by day.

SMS technologies have become the main source of communication with consumers. Through SMS Marketing, campaigns have become increasingly effective, efficient and strategic for companies, regardless of the sector or niche market, which means Business SMS is indeed a perfect option. Find out more in this site : https://www.textplode.com

How Business SMS helps companies make the best out of their marketing campaigns

SMS Marketing enables companies to diversify their communications portfolio to reach their target audience. A successful SMS Marketing campaign is usually one that converges and integrates traditional vehicles with SMS, MT-SMS and SMS-MO campaigns.

The capillarity of SMS Marketing is unbeatable because its reading rate is very high and low cost. The number of cell phones in Brazil is equivalent to the number of inhabitants and can be integrated with any type of existing media. Companies can communicate with any consumer who owns a cell phone and also integrated through other forms of communication such as voice, email and etc. When combined these channels, we can observe a radical change in performance marketing plans. Click here !

The use of SMS Marketing has grown a lot in recent years in the corporate market as companies have been discovering the myriad benefits of this modern media vehicle. The SMS Marketing system is undoubtedly the tool chosen by companies to carry out direct advertising to the target without the high costs of traditional marketing.

Planning is also important

For this purpose, SMS Marketing campaigns should be carefully planned. There are three processes that a manager must plan the campaign in order to create a successful initiative. Each process has its own individual approaches.

In the first step, the campaign manager should carefully plan the target segment, the message that will be addressed and the configuration of the SMS body. In the second step, the provider must choose the form to reach the specific segment, based on technical, grouping, adequate communication and financial criteria. All responses should be carefully reviewed.

After sending the message, there is the third step, in which an analysis must be made for the performance measurement and ROI (Return of Investment) specific to each SMS Marketing campaign.

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Top Tips For Effective SMS For Business

Sending BULK SMS or text messages to your pals and relatives is no longer a personal matter. In fact, a huge number of businesses use the power of mobile communication strategies to reach their long-time clients and to hone new prospects. Taking advantage of this convenience will help open more doors of opportunity for your business, especially when done correctly.

One of many benefits of sending business SMS to your clients, is the convenience. First of all, you don’t have to send a text message to each and every one of them via mobile phone. That would be a drag and would cost too much. If you are new to this strategy, it’s best that you search for a provider or a program that you can use to make your life easier.

Business SMS programs are those that utilize personal computers by downloading and installing them into your hard drive. There are also online or web-based programs that you can integrate with your email. The method you choose will depend on how you will use it and how much time and budget you are willing to spend. And don’t worry about the fees because there are companies that offer SMS solutions for a fair price.

For a business to thrive in a particular industry, it is important to hold on to your clients. However, it will be annoying if you’ll be sending numerous text messages just to get in touch. One way to ensure that your clients are won’t flag your messages as spam or a scam, you need to set up a web-based opt-in option.

Making your campaigns, updates, or offers short, sweet, and no fuss, you will get the attention of your customers right away. Give the information right at the onset, so your client can stay engaged at the offer.Visit https://www.textplode.com today!

SMS MarketingSend your SMS at the right time because you don’t want to seriously annoy your customers. Too early in the morning or too late at night are not the ideal times of the day to do this. Lunchtime and early in the afternoon are the best times to send your campaigns because people are more relaxed during these times. Another thing is, don’t send messages that are too far in advanced for a specific occasion or time of the year. Make it right by timing it right.

If you have an opt-in option, you must also have an opt-out on your website or a ‘stop’ option via mobile phone. Remember that most clients hate upfront offers and promos, simply because they’re not yet ready to purchase or pay for any service any time soon.check this out!

The bottom line – when sending SMS for business purposes, always thing of your customers’ welfare. Try not to bombard them with messages because you’ll definitely lose them.

Sending SMS for business is just one way to keep your customers’ loyalty and gain more prospects. If you need business SMS solutions, visit related articles and see which of their solutions will benefit you. Alternatively, you can search more details from the Internet to make sure you really get the information you needed.

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Can Your Garage Afford to Ignore SMS Marketing?

SMS messaging isn’t just for teenagers and students. More and more businesses are turning to SMS marketing as a way of communicating with their customers, and garages are no exception. SMS MOT Reminders and Service Reminders are becoming ever more popular as a communications marketing medium – and your business needs to take note.

Missed appointments for MOTs and Services can waste your garage thousands of pounds every year, so it’s no surprise that more and more garage owners are looking for a quick, simple and cheap way to remind clients when they’re booked in, and that they need to turn up on time.

If missed appointments have been a costly and irritating problem for your business, you’ll know that you need a solution.Business SMS Messaging is that solution.

What is Business SMS Messaging?

Simply put, it’s a way of keeping in touch with your clients using their mobile phones. Common uses for SMS messages include:

• Signing up for promotions or offers
• Entering competitions or prize draws
• Voting or completing a survey
• Requesting a call or further information, such as a brochure
• Registering an interest for a product, service or event
• Applying for a discount or promotional coupon

However, garages mainly use it to keep in touch with clients and remind them of appointments for services and MOTs.Get the news coming from http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/enterprise-application-to-person-a2p-sms-market-global-industry-analysis-and-opportunity-assessment-2015–2020-300338446.html

Why Should My Garage Use It?

Simply because it will help you build relationships with your clients or any of the other 70 million mobile phone users in the UK! You’ll suffer from far fewer missed appointments and the resulting drop in profits and you’ll also be able to text the following Bulk SMS messages to clients:

• MOT Reminders
• Car Service Reminders
• Customer Surveys
• Reminders, Alerts, Updates and News
• Advertise Cars or Other Products for Sale
• Run Short Code Marketing Campaigns
• And a range of messages for any other marketing applications

SMS marketing servicesSMS marketing services are also extremely cost effective and reach a huge audience. A good service provider will be able to send texts to all the UK networks, such as Orange, 02, T-Mobile and Vodafone, as well as a number of overseas networks. You’ll also be able to schedule your messages to target specific audiences at specific times, allowing you to stay in touch with people as and when you need to.

So no matter how large or small your garage is, texting provides a simple way of keeping in touch. Don’t overlook it.

If you’re looking for a reliable, low-cost way of communicating with your customers, find a reliable SMS Text Marketing provider based in your area. You’ll benefit from better brand recognition, improved interaction with your clients and a wealth of other marketing opportunities. Checking out my latest articles about SMS marketing and how it really works for your business is a good idea. You can learn what are the advantages and disadvantages on SMS marketing so that you will be aware ahead of your business plan. Stay tuned for more updates.

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7 Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Here are seven reasons businesses and professionals are missing the boat if they are not using mobile or SMS marketing…

1. Better Return on Investment. Mobile is growing at a breakneck speed. An estimated 5 billion people on planet earth own a cell phone. More people own cell phones than PCs and TVs combined!

Paralleling this growth is a diminishing effectiveness of traditional advertising mediums. One easy example is the number of major newspapers that have thrown in the towel, some after 100 years of existence.

From a dollars and cents point of view, it is common for an SMS marketing campaign to show a 20% response rate. This blows away most of the other methods of getting the consumer to take a desired action.

2. More Interactive. Today’s consumer wants to be engaged in the selling and buying process, not hit over the head with one-way messages until they cry uncle and either buy or mentally blot out any future advertising messages that cross their radar from your brand. Mobile promotion, especially using SMS advertising is highly compatible with social media.

3. One-To-One Selling. Let’s face it, there is nothing more effective than a good salesperson sitting down one-on-one with a person, probing in a counseling framework what the person’s concerns, problems, aspirations are and then working together to evaluate alternate solutions and ultimately helping them pick the right one.

This is poetry in motion and is what has made the business world go ’round for many moons. However, in today’s fast-paced technological society, it’s not cost-effective.

Enter the mobile device – a device that is never more than three feet away from the average person. When I was a kid, I slept with my baseball glove under my pillow (made a better pocket), but today, many grownups have substituted their cell phone for the Wilson A2000.

4. Responsive. Did you know that most Bulk SMS messages are viewed within 15 minutes? Wow! If you are a retailer, how much time and money do you have to shell out in traditional advertising mediums just to get a potential customer’s attention?

Bulk SMS5. Targeted. In the process of building a permission based (opt-in) mobile database, you can acquire demographic information not otherwise available. This means you can deliver a marketing message that your target audience wants (and in some cases is waiting with baited breath) to receive, at the perfect time (when they are thinking about buying a product from your brand’s mix or when their mouth is watering for a pizza and they are looking for a mobile coupon redeemable at the closest pizza parlor). Voila! Your conversion rate just went through the roof.

6. Easily Integrated. I’ve sort of been bad mouthing traditional media, but only because its results haven’t been able to keep up with mobile marketing and SMS marketing campaigns. However, every advertising medium is an important tool to tell people about your mobile alert list, provide a coupon code, or give them a text-to-win opportunity (which also builds your list) in addition to a number of other things.

7. Localized. How would you like to own a downtown restaurant and be able to instantly tell the thousands of people within a certain radius of your establishment at about 11:30 a.m., “Hey, come on down. Bring a friend. We have a two-for-one-lunch special. Today only.”

Most mobile phones today come with a camera. When someone takes a picture of one of these QR barcodes, the sky opens up and they are taken to the Land of Oz. Just kidding! What they really can do is open up your mobile web site, provide more information, comparisons, and offer a mobile coupon – any number of things.

Isn’t all this exciting? I could go on and on. But there you have it. There are seven distinct SMS marketing advantages. Stay tuned.

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