6 Reasons Brands Should Start Using SMS Marketing

Businesses of most sizes are uncovering that they can efficiently assimilate SMS marketing into a more substantial marketing strategy. Businesses of all sizes are discovering that they can effectivelyassimilate SMS marketing into a more substantial marketing strategy. With the help of SMS marketing automation, brands can create, program, and automate smart targeting campaigns.

Utilizing effective SMS messaging between brands and mobile device users is a superb way to engage customers throughout the buying process. SMS marketing is also great for lead generation.

Direct and Immediate Communication Delivery

SMS Marketing is the most direct marketing channel open to marketers. Ninety-seven percent of text messages are exposed and read, and most are read within three minutes of delivery.

Immediate communication with consumers can help promote an immediate purchase. The faster the conversation, the earlier consumers can make a purchase. The use of this direct communication can also cultivate enduring associations between brands and their consumers.

Quick Feedback from Customers

Research demonstrates 31 percent of consumers will respond to a review via smartphone. Brands can initiate studies via SMS and receive ends up with therelatively short timeframe. The common response time is less than six minutes.

Comments from customers are valuable information for businesses. This data helps the company improve its products. Customer feedback also helps the company learn more about market movements and gain a better knowledge of what customers like and don’t like.

Instant Deliverability

Text messages are usually shipped within seconds. Average SMS Marketing delivery time for some mobile service providers is significantly less than 10 seconds. Brands can deliver time-sensitive emails instantly.

IDC data reveals 62 percent of smartphone users check their phones immediately after waking up, while 79 percent check theirs within 15 minutes of getting up. With brands attempting to increase email deliverability, the amazing SMS deliverability leaves no question that SMS marketing is an advisable investment.

High Start Rate

Higher open rates make an advertising campaign more effective. Having a 90 percent open rate, the SMS Marketing open rate is nearly triple that of the average email open up rate. Brands do not have to worry about crafting great subject lines that will encourage the recipient to open up and read a text. The buzz heading off in a mobile user’s pocket is all the drive they have to open a text message. More details here: http://www.legendaryinsights.com/send-business-sms/

High Conversion Rate

SMS has an extremely high transformation rate. Mobile users respond to call-to-actions in texts more than another marketing route. Time Warner has used SMS Marketing to improve overdue bill selections by 49 percent, and Kiehl’s found over 73 percent of their opted-in customers make a purchase consequently of acquiring SMS product notifications.

The reason conversions are higher in SMS is the ease of the marketing meaning.

No Spam Filters to Deal With

Marketers do not have to be concerned about their promotional text messages finding yourself in the spam folder. The filters that email marketers have to fight with do not are present in SMS land. When someone opts-in to receive SMS marketing announcements, marketers need not remind them to whitelist their shortcode, so their text messages do not accidentally land in a spam folder.

What’s excellent about SMS marketing is even people who do not own a smartphone can receive and send texts. This makes SMS marketing one of the easiest and practical tool marketers may use to deliver promotional text messages to consumers.


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