7 Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Bulk SMS

Here are seven reasons businesses and professionals are missing the boat if they are not using mobile or SMS marketing…

1. Better Return on Investment. Mobile is growing at a breakneck speed. An estimated 5 billion people on planet earth own a cell phone. More people own cell phones than PCs and TVs combined!

Paralleling this growth is a diminishing effectiveness of traditional advertising mediums. One easy example is the number of major newspapers that have thrown in the towel, some after 100 years of existence.

From a dollars and cents point of view, it is common for an SMS marketing campaign to show a 20% response rate. This blows away most of the other methods of getting the consumer to take a desired action.

2. More Interactive. Today’s consumer wants to be engaged in the selling and buying process, not hit over the head with one-way messages until they cry uncle and either buy or mentally blot out any future advertising messages that cross their radar from your brand. Mobile promotion, especially using SMS advertising is highly compatible with social media.

3. One-To-One Selling. Let’s face it, there is nothing more effective than a good salesperson sitting down one-on-one with a person, probing in a counseling framework what the person’s concerns, problems, aspirations are and then working together to evaluate alternate solutions and ultimately helping them pick the right one.

This is poetry in motion and is what has made the business world go ’round for many moons. However, in today’s fast-paced technological society, it’s not cost-effective.

Enter the mobile device – a device that is never more than three feet away from the average person. When I was a kid, I slept with my baseball glove under my pillow (made a better pocket), but today, many grownups have substituted their cell phone for the Wilson A2000.

4. Responsive. Did you know that most Bulk SMS messages are viewed within 15 minutes? Wow! If you are a retailer, how much time and money do you have to shell out in traditional advertising mediums just to get a potential customer’s attention?

Bulk SMS5. Targeted. In the process of building a permission based (opt-in) mobile database, you can acquire demographic information not otherwise available. This means you can deliver a marketing message that your target audience wants (and in some cases is waiting with baited breath) to receive, at the perfect time (when they are thinking about buying a product from your brand’s mix or when their mouth is watering for a pizza and they are looking for a mobile coupon redeemable at the closest pizza parlor). Voila! Your conversion rate just went through the roof.

6. Easily Integrated. I’ve sort of been bad mouthing traditional media, but only because its results haven’t been able to keep up with mobile marketing and SMS marketing campaigns. However, every advertising medium is an important tool to tell people about your mobile alert list, provide a coupon code, or give them a text-to-win opportunity (which also builds your list) in addition to a number of other things.

7. Localized. How would you like to own a downtown restaurant and be able to instantly tell the thousands of people within a certain radius of your establishment at about 11:30 a.m., “Hey, come on down. Bring a friend. We have a two-for-one-lunch special. Today only.”

Most mobile phones today come with a camera. When someone takes a picture of one of these QR barcodes, the sky opens up and they are taken to the Land of Oz. Just kidding! What they really can do is open up your mobile web site, provide more information, comparisons, and offer a mobile coupon – any number of things.

Isn’t all this exciting? I could go on and on. But there you have it. There are seven distinct SMS marketing advantages. Stay tuned.

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