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Are your cars stuck in the driveway night after night staring at a garage overflowing with boxes, furniture and collections of miscellaneous homeless items? It can be a truly over whelming project to tackle, and one that we all too often ignore. Left for several years, clutter can quickly consume an entire garage and force cars to be left in the cold, heat, sleet and snow. There is a way out of the clutter. Follow these recommendations from the professional organizers to regain control or your garage.

If you are unable to dedicate a weekend day to tackling the mountains in the garage, select the evening before your scheduled garbage collection. It will be easier to simply carry items to the street as you identify which pieces are to be discarded. Don’t make the common mistake of attempting to organize and invest in shelving and storage containers until you have sorted, discarded, donated, sold or returned items. Take advantage of the awesome offers from Groupon coupons and list items for sale on the local boards offered on eBay. If you are storing items for friends or relatives, let them know that now is the time to retrieve their items.

garage marketingOnce pieces have been removed, a more organized sorting process can begin. Arrange like items together.  When determining where to store items, place items that are used most frequently on lower shelves and seasonal items on higher shelves.  Many garages have high ceilings which allow for seldom used items to be suspended from the ceiling. Skis, fishing rods and camping equipment can either be suspended or placed on higher shelves. Invest in multi-level wire shelving units to store lawn and garden items, tools and paint. Ensure adequate space for car doors to open and allow ease of access. Avoid storing items in the garage that should be in a climate controlled environment.

Finally, paint the garage floor with a concrete sealant paint that will serve to prevent oil spots and other stains. Pull your cars into the garage and enjoy having them protected from the elements.  Commit to maintaining the new organization that you have achieved through this process.

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