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How SMS Marketing is changing the way see people see brands

 The use of short messages in the cell phone (SMS or Short Message Service) as a tool of relationship with customers has grown significantly in the last year due to the discovery of benefits and differentials of this new service by marketers. According to data from the European Federation of Direct Marketing, half of the read more …


Can Your Garage Afford to Ignore SMS Marketing?

SMS messaging isn’t just for teenagers and students. More and more businesses are turning to SMS marketing as a way of communicating with their customers, and garages are no exception. SMS MOT Reminders and Service Reminders are becoming ever more popular as a communications marketing medium – and your business needs to take note. Missed read more …


7 Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Here are seven reasons businesses and professionals are missing the boat if they are not using mobile or SMS marketing… 1. Better Return on Investment. Mobile is growing at a breakneck speed. An estimated 5 billion people on planet earth own a cell phone. More people own cell phones than PCs and TVs combined! Paralleling read more …